IBM Student Research Awards

IBM Student Awards were established in 2005. IBM T.J. Watson Research Center is a sponsor of these student awards. These awards were given in the odd years when the symposiums were held in Storrs until 2017. A complete list of the winners of IBM student awards from 2005-2017 can be found from here or from the table below.

Starting 2018, IBM Student Awards will be given every year, as one of the primary student awards of the New England Statistical Society.

Students need to submit papers for one of these awards before the symposium each year. The winners will be selected by the IBM award committee based on the overall quality of the research, and they will be acknowledged at the symposium and will receive a plaque in honor of their accomplishments. Please note that award winners from previous years are not eligible for another award.

To apply, the following must be emailed to chair of the IBM award committee:

  1. Personal Information:
  2. Attachments:
  3. Verification:

The deadline of submission will be announced on the symposium website each year.


Award Committee


2021 Xiaojing Wang (Chair). [contact] Tianyu Pan, Md. Tuhin Sheikh, Liang Wang, Eli N. Weinstein, Lili Wu
2019 Yuping Zhang (Co-Chair), Beatriz (Stefa) Ethcegaray Garcia (Co-Chair), Tian Bao, Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou, Charles Contant, Zhou Fan, Guojun Gan, Fang Han, Guanyu Hu, Songqiao Huang, Huijing Jiang, Chih-Hwa Kao, Kriti Kohli, Lynn Kuo, Victor Hugo Lachos Davila, Michael Larsen, Oleksii Mostovyi, Nitis Mukhopadhyay, Kerrie Nelson, Zhao Ren, Liyang Song, Jing Wu, Panpan Zhang, Ting Zhang, Yaohua Zhang, Wei Zheng, Mary Zhao. [contact] Moming Li, Yan Li, Xiaokang Liu, Wei Shi
2018 Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst. [contact] Thibaut Horel, Aya Mitani
2017 Jacob Bien, Kun Chen, Zhiyi Chi, Forrest Crawford, Victor Hugo Lachos Davila, Beatriz E. Etchegaray Garcia, Patrick Flaherty, Yuwen Gu, Lynn Kuo, Kung-Yao Lee, Nitis Mukhopadhyay, Viadimir Pozdnyakov, Fangfang Wang, Haiying Wang, Pei Wang, Jun Yan, Panpan Zhang, Yuping Zhang (Chair), Yizhe Zhao. [contact] Zach Branson, Yeongjin Gwon, Suzanne Thornton, Elizabeth Upton, Wenjie Wang
2015 Haim Bar, Kun Chen, Ming-Hui Chen (Chair), Zhiyi Chi, Beatriz E Etchegaray Garcia (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Ofer Harel, Lynn Kuo, Elizabeth Schifano, Xiaojing Wang, Jun Yan. [contact] Yang Chen, Yu Lu, Yu-Bo Wang, Anderson Zhang
2013 Ming-Hui Chen (Chair), Zhiyi Chi, Ofer Harel, Lynn Kuo, Fei W Liu (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Jun Yan. [contact] Alexander Franks, Gyuhyeong Goh, Zhao Ren
2011 Ming-Hui Chen (Chair),Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Jun Yan. [contact] Alexander Blocker, Jeffrey Miller, Layla Parast, Hui Yao
2009 Ming-Hui Chen (Chair),Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Jun Yan. [contact] Xiaojing Wang, Tasneem Zaihra, Jian Zou
2007 Ming-Hui Chen, Joseph Glaz (Chair), Vladimir Pozdnyakov. [contact] Sourish Das, Xiaohong Li, Jingchen Liu, Andrew Thomas
2005 Ming-Hui Chen, Joseph Glaz (Chair), Vladimir Pozdnyakov. [contact] Gopika Goswami