NESS Statathon

Statathon, an annual event featured at the NESS Symposium, is a statistical data science invention marathon. Anyone who has an interest in data science can attend Statathon to approach a real world data science problem, some of which are local, in new and innovative ways. It emphasizes the statistical aspects (insight, interpretation, significance, etc.) of data science problems that are often overlooked in many hackathons.




2024 TBD TBD
2023 Theme 1: Fraud Detection (supported by Travelers)
First prize:
  • Wooster: Aviv Nur (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Runner ups:
  • Veggie Noodle: Shurong Lin(Boston University), Shiwen Yang(Boston University)
  • Team26: Chen Liang (New York University), Yiwei Li (New York University)

Theme 2: Did the Customer Take Action after the Alert (supported by HSB)
  • Rug Pullers: Reetom Gangopadhyay (Boston University), Ryan Gilbert (Boston University)
Masanao Yajima (Chair), Daeyoung Lim (Co-Chair), Patrick Buckley, Nathan Lally Kelly Li, Peng Xiao, Adnan Smajic

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