NESS Colloquium Series





Topic (Videos)


April 8, 2021 Virtual Amit Dhurandhar IBM TJ Watson Research Center Towards AI Governance with Trustworthy AI Slides
November 14, 2019 Boston University David Dunson Duke University Learning & Exploiting Low-dimensional Structure In High-Dimensional Data
April 3, 2019 University of Connecticut Donald Berry University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center The Bayesian Revolution in Medical Research
April 11, 2018 University of Connecticut Renee Moore Emory University The Roles of Statisticians in Clinical Trials: Here, There, Everywhere
January 31, 2018 University of Connecticut Michael I. Jordan University of California, Berkeley On Computational Thinking, Inferential Thinking and Data Science
November 27, 2017 Brown University Yann LeCun Facebook and New York University How Could Machines Learn as Efficiently as Animals and Humans?