NESS Student Poster Awards

To apply for 2022 NESS Student Poster Award sponsored by Munich Re, a student needs to email the abstract of the paper in PDF format, along with the following information, to the NESS Student Poster Awards committee (please send your email to, copying, with the title Poster Competition Submission):

If the abstract is accepted, students will be notified via email by the committee of further instructions for the submission of the poster and the Speed Poster Presentation. The deadline of submission will be announced on the symposium website each year.



Award Committee


2022 Munich Re Yao Zheng (Chair), Xiongtao Dai, Guifang Fu, Whitney Huang, Ruitao Lin, Oren Mangoubi, Tyler Maunu, Arman Oganisian, Anne van Delft, Guanyang Wang, Jean-Gabriel Young, Qi Zhang, Yichi Zhang. [contact] Anna Fateiger, Gopal Kotecha, Jenny Jyoung Lee, Zewei Lin, Tin Nguyen
2021 HSB/Munich Re Xiaojing Wang (Chair), Tang Yue (Co-Chair), Luis Carvalho, Kun Chen, Ming-Hui Chen, Forrest W. Crawford, Yuqi Gu, Lynn Kuo, Jeff Miller, Lally Nathan, Gavino Puggioni, HaiYing Wang, Jing Wu, Yao Zheng, Guangyu Zhu, Jian Zou. [contact] Larry Han, Jing Wang, Ganchao Wei, Catherine Xue, Zhenwei Zhou