R/Medicine Conference, September 7-8, New Haven, CT

The Yale School of Public Health Biostatistics Department and the R Consortium are hosting a conference titled R/Medicine on September 7-8 in New Haven, CT.

The goal of the R/Medicine conference is to promote the use of the R programming environment and the R ecosystem in medical research and clinical practice. R, the open source language for statistical computing and data visualization, has also become an effective tool for enabling reproducible research and the communication of scientific knowledge. In addition to showcasing novel tools, algorithms and methods for analyzing medical and clinical data. We hope the conference will provide a forum for collaboration within the community.

Conference talks will address the use of R in medical applications from Phase I clinical trial design through the analysis of the efficacy of medical therapies in public use. Topic areas for R/Medicine include: clinical trial design, the analysis of clinical trial data, personalized medicine, the analysis of patient records, the analysis of genetic data, the visualization of medical data, and reproducible research.

For more information, please go to http://r-medicine.com. Questions, comments, and concerns may be directed to r-medicine@protonmail.com, or to the conference chair Michael Kane at michael.kane@yale.edu.

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