NextGen: Data Science Day

Saturday, November 16, 2019, 175 Forest St, Waltham, MA 02452 Bentley University.

Registration fee increases on November 7, 2019.

Schedule of Events




8:30--9:15AMLaCava 3rd floorCheck-in and coffee
9:15--9:30AMExecutive Dining RoomOpening Remarks

Donna Maria Blancero, Bentley University's Provost
Abidemi K Adeniji, Chair of NESS-NextGen Committee (University of Connecticut)
9:30--10:30AMExecutive Dining RoomKeynote #1 - Sponsored by Hartford Steam Boiler
Mike Tamir
Chief ML Scientist and Head of Machine Learning for SIG
UC Berkeley Data Science Faculty
Director of Phronesis ML Labs

Title: Evaluating Fake News with In-Context NLP Deep Learning
Chair: Abidemi K Adeniji, Chair of NESS-NextGen Committee (University of Connecticut)
10:30--10:40AMCoffee break
10:40--12:10PMParallel panel sessions
325ABCSession 1: Business Analytics in Practice

Chair: Ved Deshpande (eBay)

Cesar Hernandez (TripAdvisor)
Nathan Lally (Hartford Steam Boiler)
Rebecca Qu (Tufin)
Shingo Goto (University of Rhode Island)
305AB Session 2: Data Science Challenges

Chair: Moinak Bhaduri (Bentley University)

Reagan Mozer (Harvard University/ Bentley University)
Ben Lohnes (Epsilon)
Marco Marabelli (Bentley University)
Qingyang Zhang (University of Arkansas)
1:20--2:50PMParallel panel sessions

325ABCSession 3: Careers in Data Science

Chair: Jing Wu (University of Rhode Island)

Kathy Ziff (Travelers)
Joe Dery (EMC/Dell)
Naitee Ting (Boehringer-Ingelheim)
Andrew Warner (Liberty Mutual)
305AB Session 4: Workshop

Basic Introduction to Tableau

Chair: Moinak Bhaduri (Bentley University)

Ekaterina (Kat) Cleary (Bentley University)
2:50--3:00PMCoffee break
3:00--4:00PMExecutive Dining RoomKeynote #2 - Sponsored by MassMutual
Francesca Dominici
Professor of Biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Co-Director of the Harvard Data Science Initiative

Title: Can Data Science Save the Environment?
Chair: Greg Vaughan (Bentley University)
4:00--5:00PMDanielsonPoster session & Networking reception
Sponsored by MassMutual
5:00PMDanielsonClosing Remarks
Gregory Vaughan, Event Organizer

Sponsor Interviews

We are pleased to announce that there will also be an opportunity for sponsors to set up interview sessions throughout the day with attendees. Interested sponsors should check out the sponsorship details. Interested attendees should opt in for sponsorship contact and upload their resume/CV during registration.

Poster Competition

Did you do an interesting project recently? Then enter the poster competition for a chance to show what you did and for a chance to win a cash prize! You can present individually or as a group and have total freedom in choosing the topic as long as it relates to data science.

Parallel Sessions

We will have a total of 3 panel sessions plus 1 hands-on workshop running in the two parallel sessions. We will later decide which sessions to run in parallel to each other based on attendee interest, expressed upon registration.

The four sessions are:

  1. Business Analytics in Practice: This session will feature 3-5 speakers that will present on a business challenges and how they used data science or statistical techniques to address the challenge. The focus will be on how statistics and data science can be used to address questions that arise in business settings. Q&A session to follow.
  2. Challenges in Data Science: This session will feature 3-5 speakers addressing open questions in data science and statistics. For example, data ethics, reproducibility, visualization, leading with data science / statistics, communication, education, etc. Q&A session to follow.
  3. Careers in Data Science: This session will feature 3-5 speakers that will present broadly on tips for finding jobs, interviewing well, data science applications, preparing for the job market, how they came to their position, job search timelines, etc. Q&A session to follow.
  4. Workshop: Data visualization is an indispensable skill for current business analysts in both academia and industry. In the world of Big Data, the ability to effectively present information and derive actionable insights is invaluable for anyone entering the workforce. This workshop provides an introduction to one of world’s most popular visualization platforms, Tableau. Topics covered include: connecting to data, sorting, changing formats and aggregation, grouping, filtering, mapping, basic chart types and sharing. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to create a Tableau Dashboard visualizing Airbnb data with a shareable link. This is a hands-on workshop, so participants are encouraged to bring their laptops. A free academic license and free trial of Tableau Desktop is available through

Conduct Policy

Data Science Day promotes the free expression and exchange of ideas. All participants agree to abide by the American Statistical Association's conduct policy listed here.