NextGen: Past attendance

Panel Sessions

We will have a total of five sessions with two hands-on workshop sessions running in parallel with our morning session and two afternoon parallel sessions.

The five sessions are:

1. Careers in Data Science (10:45AM–12:15PM)
: This session will feature 6 speakers aiming to present broadly on tips for finding jobs, interviewing well, data science applications, preparing for the job market, how they came to their position, job search timelines, etc. Q&A session to follow.

2. Workshop I: Résumé and CV Building (10:45AM–12:15PM)
: Kay Kimball Gruder will lead this workshop to discuss effective ways of building Résumé and CV. Gruder has over 30 years of experience in career development and helps numerous graduate students and postdocs as they explore and prepare for careers.

3. Workshop II: Networking on LinkedIn (10:45AM–12:15PM)
: Lisa Famularo will lead this workshop to present on how to do networking on LinkedIn. Famularo is a Career Consultant within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. She often helps students with major and career exploration, career planning resources, post-graduation opportunities, and general career development.

4. Data Science in Tech (1:15PM– 2:45PM)
: This session will feature 5 speakers who will discuss the challenges and opportunities in the tech companies. Q&A session to follow.

5.What can a Data Scientist do (1:15PM– 2:45PM)
: This session will feature 6 speakers who will present their day-to-day experiences and challenges as data scientists. There will also be discussions on how they use data science or statistical techniques to address their work challenges. Q&A session to follow.