NESS Student Poster Awards 2022

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Poster Title


2022 Anna Fateiger University of Rhode Island A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the American Woodcock Gavino Puggioni
2022 Gopal Kotecha Harvard University Uncertainty Directed Factorial Trial Designs Lorenzo Trippa, Steffen Ventz
2022 Jenny Jyoung Lee Harvard University Causal Exposure-Response Curve Estimation Using Generalized Propensity Score Matching in Cohorts with Geographically-Varying Study Eligibility Criteria Francesca Dominici, Rachel Nethery
2022 Zewei Lin University of Cincinnati Model Diagnostics of Discrete Data Regression: A Unifying Framework Using Functional Residuals Dungang Liu
2022 Tin Nguyen Massachusetts Institute of Technology Many Processors, Little Time: MCMC for Partitions via Optimal Transport Couplings Tamara Broderick