NESS Student Research Awards 2017

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Paper Title


2017 Zach Branson Harvard University A Nonparametric Bayesian Methodology for Analyzing Regression Discontinuity Designs Luke Miratrix
2017 Yeongjin Gwon University of Connecticut Network Meta-Regression for Ordinal Outcomes: Applications in Comparing Crohn’s Disease Treatments Ming-Hui Chen
2017 Suzanne Thornton Rutgers University-New Brunswick Approximate Confidence Distribution Computing: An Effective Likelihood-Free Method With Statistical Guarantees Min-ge Xie
2017 Elizabeth Upton Boston University Bayesian Network Regularized Regression for Modeling Urban Crime Occurrences Luis Carvalho
2017 Wenjie Wang University of Connecticut Extended Cox Model by ECM Algorithm for Uncertain Survival Records Due to Imperfect Data Integration Kun Chen and Jun Yan